Fanta in her dress

Fanta is a Faerie and was forced to stay on Earth after Ryang Jegal accidentally ripped her dress.

Appearance Edit

FL v. 7

Fanta in volume 7. Note her darker hair and eye colors.

There are several discrepancies with Fanta's appearance.

In the cover of the first Faeries' Landing volume and in the story, Fanta has brown hair and brown eyes. However, from the second volume and on, she was depicted as having blue hair and blue eyes.

Story Edit

Fanta is first seen after Ryang Jegal accidentally rips her dress. When the other two faeries discover that Fanta's dress was ripped, Fanta seemed rather happy about it, although she feigned unhappiness.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Fanta is the only person that is able to purify Evil Affinities. She is also said to be the best fortune-teller in all of Avalon. She does not, however, have good performance in Healing Magic.

Trivia Edit

  • Fanta is not the only character whose appearances are debated.

Quotes Edit

  • "Karma shaped like toys that no one wants to buy, leave behind your wretched forms ... and die, damn you die! Oops! I mean, purify! Purify!"