Ryang Jegal is the hero of Faeries' Landing. He is an unfortunate highschooler who was fated to create 108 Evil Affinities. Thankfully, he meets Fanta, a Faerie that wants to stay on Earth, who comes and saves Ryang many times.


Ryang has dark brown/black hair and brown eyes. He is pretty tall, and always wears a bandanna on his forehead to hide the scar that Yuri Kim gave him.




When Ryang and Robin Goodfellow went to the spring where the faeries bathed, Ryang accidentally tore Fanta's dress. From that day on, she stayed with him, his brother Hun Jegal, and Hun's wife.

Over the course of the series, Ryang falls in love with Fanta.

Yuri KimEdit

Yuri is Ryang's jealous and abusive ex-girlfriend. She is the reason why Ryang has a scar on his forehead. Whenever Ryang shows interest in another girl, Yuri scares that girl into staying away from him.

Although he has told her many times that he is no longer interested in her, she still makes advances on him, much to his chagrin. Fanta also teases him about her occasionally.